Lava Jigsaw HD


Lava Jigsaw HD brings the fun and challenge of real jigsaw puzzles to the iPad!

It features a unique multi-screen play area with pieces of consistent size, making it suitable for players of all ages. The smaller puzzles are great for children or when you need a quick game, with puzzles over 2000 pieces to challenge even pro puzzlers.

Lava Jigsaw HD is available now as a free download from the Apple app store.


• Fully 3D rendered pieces look and play like real pieces

• Super high resolution puzzle pictures with vibrant color and detail

  1. Puzzle library contains 200+ puzzles up to 2065 pieces (virtual size 108x70cm)

  2. Share completed puzzles on Facebook, Twitter and email, or save it in your photos

  3. Powerful navigation controls: movement touchpad, position bookmarks, zoom

• Large buttons and text size for easy navigation by players of all ages

• Includes rich descriptive background info about each puzzle picture

• New puzzle collections with varied themes are released each week

• A selection of board textures and relaxing background music

• Free collections are released every month for your pleasure

• Earn points and achievements for completing puzzles

• Kids puzzle collections are always half-price

  1. You can play several puzzles at once


“Find conventional jigsaw puzzles in various casual games too easy? Yup, me too. I’d suggest giving Lava Jigsaw HD a shot. It gives a very similar experience to the real thing... It’s simple enough to move around and provides a great means to complete huge puzzles without taking up too much table or floor space.”

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